SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, which means optimising your website for search engines. Search Engines use algorithms to calculate the websites best suited to the user’s search and so appear at the top of their search results. The fact that algorithms are being used means there are rules, by following these rules your website will appear at top of search results.

“Quality over Quantity”

The main rules to follow are:

  • Content – content is King for search engines, quality over quantity.
  • Keywords – included in your content are your targeted keywords, but they must appear within coherent sentences.
  • User Experience (UX) – search engines track their customers movements after they have selected from the search results. What pages they visited on your website, how long they spent there, etc, building a profile and gauging their experience.
  • Popularity – search engines want to provide their customers with the best and where possible most trending search results. By tracking their customers, they know what is becoming popular. This is why you want to keep your website traffic as high as possible, month on month and year on year.
  • Responsive – more people are using their mobiles to find businesses on the go. Search engines know this and they as such give “extra credit” for those businesses that are keeping up with technological advances.
  • Linking – when two pages/websites link to each other, the content on both of the landing pages must be relevant.
  • Trust – search engines believe in age before beauty and trust older websites. Secure your website and obtain an SSL certificate to prove it.

“UX is a feeling, have them feeling satisfied”

Organic IT’s SEO Strategies are specifically designed around your company with the simple goal of improving your website’s performance. Developing your website’s SEO organically is the best long term solution for increasing your website’s traffic and sales.